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July 02, 2004



Have you instituted the "maximum two shirts a day" rule yet? Once I stopped caring about the smell and only changed shirts twice a day it cut way down on the laundry.

(The spit-up usually stops around 12-14 weeks. The poop--not so much.)

Laura K.

Yep, I've been sprayed by poop by Katie, too! Consider it your official baptism into the mothers' club. You thought it was nurturing them in the womb and giving birth? Scoff! It's the dousing of your child's bodily fluids and you actually not puking that makes you a REAL mother!

Welcome, sister. :)



Believe me, I so know about being sprayed with the bowels. The only thing worse than being doused in said matter is being doused in said matter in a public place.

Just don't say I didn't warn you.


Well, the spit up and the poop from breastmilk is sooooooo much nicer than from formula (can you imagine...nice spit up and poop?? ah...motherhood!) I nursed until I went back to work, then we had to supplement with formula, and ewwwwwwwww- much stinkier!!
Hey- you are eating for three, don't you think? I ate more than when I was pg. while breastfeeding and still lost weight (how fantastic!!) and I had to drink constantly! Feeding two, I'm sure you must be ravenous. If you ever need new recipes I'll have to connect you with my husband-- as I've mentioned, he's the cook around here- and a damn good one, too.

Laura K.

Hey, I don't know if you've ever seen this or not, but it's a good infertility presentation someone put together. I saw in on one of the precon. boards one time. Check it out.


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