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June 26, 2004



I'm so glad to see that I'll be able to continue reading about you! The girls are absolutely beautiful; let me congratulate you again on your newly expanded family. Welcome to blogworld; I'll be sure to follow along.



I am soooo excited to see a blog from you! LOVING it so far! Arent blogs fun?!?! Much more fun than iP! I am going to be adding you to my blog list asap - come by sometime when you find the time ;) The girls are soooo beautiful and congrats !


What a beautiful family you have!


Thanks, Cara and Monique! I'm quite proud of my family.

Kelly~Yeah, this is way better than iParenting. I actually have some sort of creative control, you know? I'm loving it.


Hey Linda!
So glad I found your blog! I've been reading your diary's on iparenting for ages. Glad I can continue the story. ;) Beautiful girls.


Hi Linda,

I am so glad you started a blog. I have been reading your ip diary since the beginning. Your girls are gorgeous!


Amy F

Linda, I adore that photo of you with baby and cat! That is indeed the picture of a perfect world--you couldn't look more content.

I've had a blog on LiveJournal for months, but I just don't have the motivation to write there. At least on iP, I get an entry out every couple weeks. I don't have the heart to leave.


Hooray, Linda! I'm glad you are continuing at typepad. I have been reading your diary since precon and I was having separation issues since the birth of your gorgeous girls...


I've mostly been a lurker since the precon days (I posted once about the Indigo Girls, way back..) but I have followed your story and am so, so happy to be able to now follow the story of your beautiful little girls! You're an awesome writer and I would follow ANY journal of yours, but how exciting that we can now read about your miracle babies!

Congrats to you and Andrew! :D


Sacha, Sheri, Bella, and Alli~I'm glad you followed me on over here! Glad to have you aboard.

Amy~I say, wherever you can get the motivation to post, post there. I like the creativity that I can express here. And if I ever decided to shell out the $$ for the "Pro" blog, I can do even more. At any rate, I'll still pop over to iParenting to follow my favorites~including you!


SUCH purty babies and a beautiful family!

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