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August 28, 2006


Husband A

Tell him to meet me on the field of honor, if he is any kind of man.

Swords or pistols, his choice.

On the other hand, it is understandable. You ARE smokin' hot.

Very well. The lad may live. I forgive . . . but I will not forget.

From Linda:

If it helps, we were chatting and he immediately left me to hit on a cute tech. I heard him ask, "Are you married?" as he followed her down the hall.


How cute!


That is fantastic! You're a MILF!


Wow! That has to boost the old self-esteem. You've still got it!

Lance Hulsey

I like that your husband was willin gto go to bat for your honor. Nice touch.

Laura K.

Hee hee, cute! I love that A is such a chivalrous guy, too. :)


All that running must be paying off!


Awesome! :)


That's even better than getting carded for beer.
Amazing stuff.


I work at a furniture store and was once asked out on a date (he called specifically for that purpose) by a customer. I politely said "I'm flattered and my husband is flattered" to which he replied he hadn't noticed my ring.
(this all would have been MUCH more flattering if he had not been nearing 40 and still living with his mom!)
I loved A's reply!


ahhhhh, they are soo cute at that age! love your hubby's response. my husband would have packed my bags and offered him $20 for a case of beer.


That lasik is paying off.


Wow, that's way better than having a teenager whistle at you from his car when you're waiting to cross the street! And that made MY day ;-)


"You're hotter than my mom" is one of those flirtatious phrases that is best left implied, not stated outright.


That's SO awesome. I went through a Brew-thru (have you seen these?) in NC on our last vacation. The young Ukranian guy had a sweet smile so I jokingly said to everyone in the car that he was flirting with me. My PARTNER said I was old enough to be his mother. I'm ONLY 35!!!! Jeesh. NO ONE flirts with me, you lucky (and YOUNG) thing.


Wonderful. Days like that rock. :)


Yay for you!


i would SO like to see husband A with a sword OR a pistol....all in the name of love.


very nice!



And I agree with Summer.




Man, the last guy to hit on me was 17, which is not nearly as cool.


wahoo. that's fantastic. :)


you don't look a day over 18. i'm surprised he didn't ask, "Are you legal?"


Awww, I love that story!


Am I the only one who's feeling for the poor guy here?! The nerve it must have taken for him to approach the subject? Poor guy.

But if I were in your shoes, I'd be struttin' my stuff for weeks.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

That is awesome.

You rule. Nobody ever hits on me anymore.


I gotta remember that line for when i want to boost some lady's self esteem. That's awesome.


So...........how IS the lasik? No update for a while.

And by the way, I don't think I'd come off cloud nine for a good month after that conversation. Maybe I need to start running again. I had secretely been hoping for an ass reduction to magically happen during the summer. Didn't happen. Maybe it was all that potato salad and homemade ice cream........NAH.

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